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Custom Action Classes

If you need to customize an action for any reason, you can create your own custom Crud action class.

A Crud Action can respond to any HTTP verb (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE). Each HTTP verb can be implemented as method, e.g. _get() for HTTP GET, _post() for HTTP POST and _put() for HTTP PUT.

If no HTTP verb specific method is found in the class, _handle() will be executed.

A default custom index action might be as simple as the following:

namespace App\Crud\Action;

class MyIndex extends \Crud\Action\BaseAction
     * Default settings
     * @var array
    protected $_defaultConfig = [
        'enabled' => true,
        'scope' => 'table',
        'findMethod' => 'all',
        'view' => null,
        'viewVar' => null,
        'serialize' => [],
        'api' => [
            'success' => [
                'code' => 200
            'error' => [
                'code' => 400

    * Generic handler for all HTTP verbs
    * @return void
    protected function _handle()
        $query = $this->_table()->find($this->findMethod());
        $items = $this_controller()->paginate($query);



In this basic example, we have removed all the events that are emitted.


The most common use-cases for a custom action class is when you need to have specific code run on all your controllers for a certain action. For example reading from the session or adjusting the query to add dynamic complex conditions.

Remember that in the Configuration you can configure your action classes on a per-action basis, so you might just want a custom action for a single action across your controllers.

Using your custom action class

Once you have created your custom action class, you can configure Crud to use it for specific actions by changing the Crud component configuration.

class AppController extends \Cake\Controller\Controller

    use \Crud\Controller\ControllerTrait;

    public function initialize()

        $this->loadComponent('Crud.Crud', [
            'actions' => [
                'index' => ['className' => '\App\Crud\Action\MyIndexAction']


Ensure that you escape your namespace when loading your own action classes.