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Quick Start

You are busy, and you just want to get things done™, so let’s get going.

After installation, you are ready to CRUD-ify your app.

The application

So the application our pointy-haired boss has tasked us to create today is a Blog.

App Controller

Since CRUD is awesome, and you already started to kinda love it, we want to enable CRUD for our entire application.

Let’s setup CRUD to handle all index(), add(), edit(), view() and delete() actions automatically, we do this by enabling Crud in the AppController with the correct actions configuration.

namespace App\Controller;

class AppController extends \Cake\Controller\Controller {

  use \Crud\Controller\ControllerTrait;

  public $components = [
    'Crud.Crud' => [
      'actions' => [

There we go, that was easy.

Posts Controller

So, our new shiny Blog needs a Posts Controller to, well, manage the posts.


namespace App\Controller;

class PostsController extends AppController {


(...) and that’s it! we don’t really need any logic there for now, since we have configured CRUD to take care of all actions

But... since CRUD doesn’t provide any views (yet), you will have to bake the views for now

Console/cake bake view posts

Let’s check out our new application, go to /posts and behold, a nice paginated ìndex() template, all without any code in your controller.

You should now be able to navigate to /posts/add as well and create your first post.

Creating an API

This section is WIP.